Use garden room in autumn and winter

How to use your garden room in the autumn/winter

Use garden room in autumn and winter

How to use your garden room in the autumn/winter

Investing in a bespoke garden room may be just what you want in summer, as it can give you a lot of different options and having an extension to your home and be used in many different ways. But what about during the colder months? 


In the UK we have a variety of temperatures and climates to think about. With temperatures typically averaging as low as 3 or 4 degrees in the winter months, it can be tricky to think about using our garden room in the autumn or winter. While having a damp dark shed might not be the cosiest of structures for the winter, is there a way you can use your garden room in winter? 


Here are three things to think about when building a garden room to make sure you can use the space year-round. 


To keep your bespoke garden room toasty and usable all year round insulation is key. Having a fully insulated garden room will mean that you can use it comfortably even in the colder winter months. Insulating your garden room can also save you money, cutting your energy bills. 


Thinking about your heating, especially as you are planning your garden room build can save you a lot of time and energy later trying to work out how to heat your garden room. There are a few different options but here are a couple of our favourites here at Createspace garden rooms:


  • Underfloor heating 

Investing in underfloor heating when building a bespoke garden room can do a lot to make the room cosy in the winter. While it doesn’t mean that you won’t have to have any other form of heating, underfloor heating can be a luxurious way to keep your garden office warm and cosy in the winter.  


  • Air Conditioning 

Having both cooling properties in the summer and heating in the winter, air conditioning is a great solution to keep your garden office or garden studio the perfect temperature no matter what time of year. 


  • Wood burning stove 

Not only does a wood stove keep your garden room warm and comfortable, but it can also add an element of style to your garden room. This works especially if you like the rustic style, with lots of wood cladding and natural furnishing.  


Interior furnishings can go a long way to keep your garden room cosy and warm. What’s great about this is that you can change or adjust them according to your mood. 


  • Rugs to cover flooring – Even if you have wooden flooring which holds more heat than other options, decorating with a colourful rug can really elevate the look of your garden room. It also can help keep out the cold, ensuring your feet are kept warm and toasty.  
  • Curtains – Thick fabric curtains, especially the blackout variety can go a long way to keep out any drafts. If your garden room is in direct sunlight, curtains can also keep the room cool.
  • Throws – If you use your garden room as an entertainment room and have some soft furnishings like sofas and chairs then a throw can work really well. Having a mixture of tones and textures brings warmth to the space. 


Having a bespoke fully insulated garden room means that you can use your garden room all year round. Your garden office, garden studio or entertaining room doesn’t have to be just for summer use. 

If you would like to talk to our team about having your very own bespoke insulated garden room then get in touch today. Contact us here.


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