Garden room plumbing and electricity

How to get electricity to your garden room

Garden room plumbing and electricity

How to get electricity to your garden room

Building your own bespoke garden room is a luxury that means that you can design and create the garden room of your dreams. It can look and function exactly as you want it to. Are you looking for a perfect workspace? Or a beautiful guest suite? Maybe a family entertainment room? Then having a bespoke garden room built with electricity will help you get the space you want. 


Having electricity in your garden room means that your room will have light, heating and also sockets to run electrical equipment from. But how can you connect electricity to your garden room? Who is qualified to connect electricity to your garden room? 

Here is our quick guide to getting electricity in your garden room.


How to connect electricity to your garden room? 


Connecting electricity to your garden room is fairly simple for a qualified professional. Electricity runs through a heavy duty armoured cable from your main home to your new garden room. It will run from the fusebox in the house to a consumer unit in the garden room. 


Firstly the armoured cable needs to be buried underground. This would normally require a trench to be dug first, and then the cable laid in the trench. Having the cable underground means that it is much safer than having it over ground, including having the cable running along a wall or fence. It takes away the danger of accidents and also will keep your garden looking at its best. Speaking to a qualified electrician will help you understand the ideal length for the trench and what best route it should take through your garden. 


Who can connect electricity to your garden room? 


All electrical work needs to be taken on by a qualified professional electrician. This ensures that the work would comply with all building regulations. A garden rooms electrics needs to comply with Part P Building regulations, making sure that it matches up to all fire safety requirements. The electrician should then give you an electrical certificate as proof of the work. Make sure to keep this certificate in a safe place, as you will need it if you should ever sell your property. 


Having electricity added to your garden room opens up a world of possibilities for the use of your room. When you speak to us here at Createspace, we can talk you through the design implications of adding electricity to your garden room. The number and placements of sockets, light and heating can be a collaborative decision with our expert craftsmen when discussing the design of your room. If you would like any special finishes on your sockets feel free to talk to us during your consultation. 

If you would like to talk to our expert team about building your own bespoke garden room with electricity, then get in touch with us here. If you would like some more inspiration for your garden room design, our article covers five inspiring garden room designs. Read more here


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